Dianna Agron on the set of her latest movie ‘Headlock’

We can learn to love again

Naya and Ryan at the gym (July 27th, 2014)

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Chord Overstreet’s 2014 hiatus beard


au where kurt and blaine meet at comic con, kurt cosplaying captain america and blaine freaking out over him plus sam being the embarrassing best friend~!

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There are definitely moments where you’d love to beat the shit out of someone. Sure. People can be cruel, take advantage of young girls, you name it. But, my best tennis racket is the ability to use my words. Just have to be confident and remember to use them. Standing up for yourself, and putting someone in their place with wit is a truly admirable skill.

glee meme: one character per season [2/5]

↳ Season Two: Brittany S. Pierce